Hot, Warm and Cold Heading

At Fastener Innovation Technology, Inc., we have more than forty years' experience manufacturing specialty fasteners that meet our clients’ needs. 
Hot, warm, and cold heading offer different advantages when forming the head of a bolt. Our skilled production teams are experts in cold, warm, and hot head ing fasteners in many different head configurations.
Hot heading
Available in a wide range of diameters and suitable for the full spectrum of material grades, including Inconel 718, hot heading involves heating the workpiece to a high temperature before shaping the head.  The advantages of hot heading include:
  • Fewer die blows
  • Better formability on certain head styles
  • Lower tooling costs
Hot heading is usually recommended for smaller lot runs or larger sizes as it can be more time-consuming for smaller diameters, and as a result, it can be less cost-effective than warm or cold heading. 
Cold heading
Cold heading is conducted at room temperature and uses two die forms to compress a fastener head into shape. The process allows for precise dimensions and, via the use of multiple die blows, can allow for complex head formations. Although tooling cost is high, cold heading offers rapid production and high repeatability, making it a cost-effective and high-quality production method for larger orders where precision is vital.
Warm heading
Warm heading is similar to cold heading except with heat. The temperature applied to the material in warm heading is lower than hot heading.
 A tailored service
 Fastener Innovation Technology, Inc. has access to more than 55,000 square feet of floor space. Our skilled technicians produce high quality, high torque, high strength fasteners of varied complexities. Whether it is a one-off prototype or a large-scale production run, we apply the same levels of quality, precision, and professionalism to ensure that we meet industry standards and meet or exceed customers’ expectations.

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