Metallurgy Lab

From our metallurgy lab in California, we offer a leading metallurgical testing service for aerospace and defense clients across the globe. 

There is no margin for error in aerospace and defense engineering; it is vital that every panel, assembly and fastener is manufactured to the highest standards, from high quality materials. The science of metallurgy enables us to assess a material’s structure to ascertain how well it will perform under the extreme environmental pressures associated with the aerospace and defense industries.

Metallurgical testing
The metallurgical testing that Fastener Innovation Technology, Inc. (FIT) undertakes in our metallurgical laboratory includes tensile testing, bend testing and hardness testing, as well as macro and micrographic analysis. 

Tensile testing allows for the accurate measurement of the strength of a fastener.  We can assess tensile strength.  Hardness testing is another critical metallurgical test.
With a full range of metallurgical tests at their disposal, FIT’s Lab Techs can ensure that the products manufactured at FIT exceed the clients’ requirements.

With a full range of metallurgical tests at their disposal, FIT’s engineers are able to ensure that the products manufactured within our state of the art facilities not only meet – or even exceed – clients’ requirements, but ensure that every product, regardless of cost or size, meets industry specifications. As such, all metallurgical testing conducted in our metallurgy labs is done so in accordance with the Fastener Quality Act, MIL-I-45208, ISO9001:2015/AS9100:Rev. D and ANSI Z540.1 & ISO 10012-1.

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