Punch Press

For more than forty years, Fastener Innovation Technology, Inc.  has deployed a range of production capabilities to provide global leaders in the aerospace and defense industries with high quality, low cost fasteners.

Our manufacturing capabilities are extensive and include the use of a range of CNC technologies, including CNC punch press. Computerized Numerical Control – CNC – punch pressing offers a scalable, viable solution for the mass, accurate production of specialty fasteners.

Tailored punch press services
Also known as metal stamping, Fastener Innovation Technology, Inc. (FIT) offers a bespoke punch pressing service, to enable us to meet our clients’ varying needs. Punch pressing offers high levels of accuracy and repeatability and, because rapid tool changes are possible, the process is highly customizable and time efficient. FIT’s skilled technicians and engineers will determine the most appropriate processes to meet each client’s needs while ensuring that industry guidelines are consistently adhered to.

Precision engineering
As part of the Avantus Group, we are proud to be among global leading providers of specialty fasteners designed to meet the stringent needs of the aerospace and defense industries. We deploy a range of programming systems, such as CADCAM software, to provide clients with the efficiency, speed and flexibility that they expect, without compromising on quality. The skills and accuracy with which the software is used reduces stoppage time and enables us to deliver cost and time savings to our clients, regardless of the scale or complexity of the order.

At FIT, we are certified to AS9100 standards and are proud to offer an unrivalled range of fasteners, from standard bolts and screws to customized, high-strength fasteners designed to withstand the extreme conditions typically associated with the aerospace and defense industries. From large-scale, repeat productions to bespoke prototyping, we apply the same levels of expertise, accuracy and quality to every order for clients around the globe.

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