At Fastener Innovation Technology, Inc. we manufacturing high quality fasteners specially designed and produced to withstand the extreme environments of the aerospace and defence industries.
Available in an array of styles and materials and serving a host of functions, aerospace screws perform a critical role in engineering as well as airframe production. Aerospace screws can be used on the assembly line to temporarily hold joining parts in place to ensure an accurate join, or they can be used to form a secure connection between multiple parts. The type of screw, its base material, production methods and finish will depend on the intended use and desired qualities. At Fastener Innovation technology, Inc. we offer a range of high-torque screws as standard, including pan head screws, dovetail screws, cruciform screws, standard captive screws and floating captive screws.

A range of materials
Whilst we hold a large volume of screw varieties as standard, we recognize that each client has individual needs. Our skilled technicians are, therefore, able to recommend appropriate metals and alloys which possess the necessary characteristics such as the ability to withstand environmental stressors such as extreme temperatures, humidity, exposure to UV light or chemicals.  

A tailored service
In addition to offering a wide choice of materials, at FIT we assist each client in ensuring that the product specification exactly meets their needs while adhering to industry standards. Thread size, head type, production methods and finish can be adjusted to ensure that each client gets the best quality and value for their purposes. By calling upon our full in-house capabilities, we ensure that products are tested and quality assured at every stage of the production process, ensuring that clients of all sizes across the globe receive the unrivalled service for which we are renowned.

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