Captive Screws

Fastener Innovation Technology offers a full range of captive screws. 

Captive screws
Captive screws and nuts are designed to fit applications requiring a fastener which, on disengagement from the mating part, remains attached to the panel or structure. This critical function in aviation and other applications, enables screws to better withstand high vibration levels and extreme temperatures and also acts to prevent loose objects from falling into equipment causing damage and early replacement.  Their use brings additional security to a high-stress environment.  

At Fastener Innovation Technology, we produce a full range of captive screws including:
  • floating captive screws
  • high profile captive screws
  • low profile captive screws
  • utility captive screws
  • high performance screws
  • flush head captive screws
  • push-in screw assemblies
  • front panel captive screw assemblies

A tailored service
We understand that every customer is different and that, while their products need to meet the stringent restrictions of the aerospace and defense industries, no two clients’ needs are the same. All of the screws in our portfolio can be produced using production methods and materials to meet the customers’ requirements in terms of weight, torque, corrosion resistance and strength. Via consultation with our skilled teams of technicians, additional modifications can be made to the products in our portfolio, including size, thread size and head size and shape.

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