Stressed Panel

Fastener Innovation Technology, Inc.’s extensive range of stressed panel fasteners are designed to be fully compatible with other systems.
Fastener Innnovation Technology, Inc. (FIT) was established in 1979 and, since then, has provided specialty fasteners for use in the defense and aerospace industries. Now part of the Avantus Group led by Avantus Aerospace, a leading manufacturer of composite and C-class parts, FIT is proud to be part of a word-leading group of manufacturers and logistics organizations.

Stressed panel fasteners
Stressed panels are designed to withstand high structural loads as well as the extreme conditions, such as high levels of vibration, typical of aerospace. In all engineering, particularly aerospace and defense, an assembly is as strong as its most vulnerable part. Whilst it is important that stressed panels are able to resist the shear stresses to which they are subjected, it is equally important that fasteners are designed to be as able to resist such high levels of pressure.

FIT’s stressed panel fasteners are designed to resist vibration and shear loads and can be quickly and conveniently installed. The quick-acting fastening capabilities of these panel fasteners facilitates streamlined processes on the production line alongside the reduction of risk that small parts may be dropped into the assembly during production. As well as being available for installation in original designs, these high-grade fastener assemblies and components are also available for retrofit, replacement or repair in the field.   

A range of materials
At FIT, our technicians and engineers possess the experience, skills and technology to produce fasteners from a broad range of metals and non-metals, depending on the requirements of the customer, intended use and environment of the product, and product characteristics, such as torque, strength, weight and corrosive properties. Our teams work closely with each client to ensure that the most appropriate production methods, materials and finish are applied to ensure that the final products and assemblies not only meet, but often exceed industry requirements and customer needs.

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