For more than 40 years, Fastener Innovation Technology, Inc. have been manufacturing specialty fasteners designed to meet the demanding environments of the aerospace and military industries.
Located in California and established in 1979, Fastener Innovation Technology, Inc (FIT) is part of Avantus Aerospace’s family of organisations. Together, FIT, Avantus and the other group organizations are global leaders in the provision of C-class and composite parts and assemblies.

A range of specialty fasteners
The aerospace and defense industries demand precision. There is no room for error, and nor is there capacity to compromise on either quality of materials or production methods. At FIT, we understand the stringent requirements of the industry and produce specialty fasteners designed to meet those needs.

From alignment pins, which allow for easy and accurate alignment in the field as well as on the production line, to precision crafted stud nuts, our technicians utilize a range of methods and materials to make sure that each product possesses the qualities required for optimal performance and strength.

A range of materials
With a range of materials at their disposal, at FIT we produce fasteners that will withstand the extreme conditions typical of the industry. From aluminum alignment pins to stainless steel stud nuts, each product is made with the required properties in mind, allowing clients to achieve a balance between weight and strength, torque and non-corrosive properties.

A tailored service
While most aerospace and defense products share industry- specific requirements, at Fastener Innovation Technology, Inc., we understand that every client will have slightly different needs. All of the products in our portfolio can be adjusted to meet those needs, from altering measurements to specific head types, thread size and materials. Our technicians will work with each client to ascertain their needs before recommending the most appropriate design, manufacturing process, materials and finish to ensure that the products arrive on time at the client’s warehouse or production line, produced and finished to the highest standards.

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