At Fastener Innovation Technology, as well as producing high quality fasteners, we produce assemblies tailored to meet each client’s specific needs.
With more than forty years’ experience manufacturing fasteners designed to meet the needs of the aerospace and defense industries, Fastener Innovation Technology, Inc, (FIT) is part of the Avantus Group. Led by Avantus Aerospace, the group comprises industry-leading organizations who specialize in the production of C-class parts, composites and assemblies, as well as one supply chain and logistics specialist. Together, our experience extends back to the beginning of the 20th Century and, as a result of our continued commitment to excellence, we have access to an array of cutting-edge technologies and in-house processes.

The use of assemblies allows OEMs to streamline production processes and helps to ensure that the correct parts are used in conjunction with each other. At FIT, we are able to produce a wide range of assemblies including clip assemblies, receptacles and floating nuts. In an assembly, receptacles can be matched with their mating part, removing margin for error and saving time by providing both mating parts. Likewise, floating nuts are provided as a complete assembly, ensuring that the correct, precisely manufactured, parts are used in conjunction with each other. At FIT, our skilled teams will work with each client to ascertain their exact requirements and tailor the production of each part and overall assembly to meet those needs, as well as fulfilling industry standards.

FIT’s assemblies are typically produced using high quality metals and alloys such as steel, brass, aluminum, and Inconel. Non-metal components or assemblies can also be produced where additional qualities are required. Every material possesses advantages and disadvantages in terms of properties, such as weight, tensile strength, durability, anti-corrosion, conductivity and, of course, cost. With their extensive experience, our technicians will help each customer to attain the correct balance, selecting the appropriate product to meet their needs.

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