For more than four decades, Fastener Innovation technology, Inc. has been manufacturing aviation-standard fasteners for clients across the globe.
As part of the Avantus Group and with a full complement of in-house capabilities, at Fastener Innovation Technology, Inc. (FIT) we pride ourselves in providing a full range of fasteners and components designed to meet the requirements of the aerospace and defense industries.

As mating sockets, receptacles tend to have adaptations that allow them to provide secure mounting, such as flanges with holes. These adaptations are unique to the assembly and help to ensure that receptacles are used in conjunction with the appropriate mating part. By avoiding mismatches, aviation engineers are able to eliminate the risk of weakened fastenings that ay fall short of the stringent requirements of the industry. There are a host of receptacles to choose from, from simple ones to receptacles with locking functions, which help to promote the stability and safety of the assembly by preventing the fastenings from being shaken loose.
At FIT, we offer a range of receptacles as standard, and are able to adjust existing products to meet the specific needs of our clients. Our skilled technicians work closely with each client to ensure that the products manufactured in our state-of-the-art facilities meet both the needs of our clients as well as industry guidelines.

In-house quality assurance
At FIT, we understand that precision is critical, especially when it comes to aviation and defense. With AS9100 certification, we operate strict quality assurance processes which see continuous inspection of products at every stage of the production lifecycle. These processes ensure that products are quality checked at key points during production, as well as before they leave the premises, helping us to make sure that every client’s order reaches their warehouse or production line on time, while meeting their requirements.  

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