Tensile Testing

Fastener Innovation Technology, Inc. possesses a full range of capabilities, enabling us to produce specialty fasteners for industry-leading OEMs worldwide.

In-house capabilities
During our 40+ -year history, we have accumulated a wealth of experience and we continue to invest in technology to enable us to meet the needs of our clients and the expectations of the industry.
Our comprehensive Quality Assurance processes are undertaken at all stages of the production process, from selecting the highest quality materials to completion. This continual process allows us to identify potential anomalies and rectify them with minimal wastage and stoppage time. Our technicians undertake a range of quality processes, including tensile strength, torque, and microhardness testing.

Tensile strength
Tensile strength is a critical characteristic in aerospace engineering, and as a result, tensile testing is one of the most used tests. Tensile testing involves determining the precise force required to bring a product to breaking point. This allows engineers to predict how parts interact in different situations and ensure that parts and assemblies can withstand extreme environments. Tensile strength testing is a valuable part of product design, as well as helping to determine the batch quality and ensuring that products are compliant with industry standards.  Our technicians are experienced in undertaking a range of tensile strength testing to ensure that every product created within our facilities meets the high standards for which we are known.

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