Micro Hardness

At Fastener Innovation Technology, Inc., we offer a full range of capabilities, enabling us to provide high-quality, industry-certified specialty fasteners to military and aerospace customers across the globe.
In aerospace engineering, quality is paramount. There is no margin for error and no room to compromise on materials, specification, or finish.  Failure to meet the industry’s high standards could be disastrous. At Fastener Innovation Technology, Inc., we possess full technical capabilities and resources to conduct complete in-house QA processes, ensuring that every product meets or exceeds expectations.
Microhardness testing
Microhardness testing is one of several tests that help engineers determine the strength and durability and its ability to withstand the environments typical of the defense and aerospace industries. Hardness is used to determine a material’s ability to resist deformation when a 1-50kg force is applied.  Microhardness assesses the material’s resistance to forces of 1-2kg.  Nanohardness assesses resistance of loads of 0.001 – 30g.
Microhardness testing gives precise data for materials that have complex or delicate microstructures.  Microhardness is typically utilized to test thin, layered samples.  It is appropriate for testing the hardness of a surface or coating or a component and identifying variations in hardness.
Quality assurance
At Fastener Innovation Technology, Inc. (FIT), our in-house QA processes take place at every production stage.  It allows us to identify and rectify potential issues as quickly as possible, thereby guaranteeing the quality of every product.

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