Retaining Rings

At Fastener Innovation Technology, Inc., we have more than four decades’ experience manufacturing fasteners designed to meet the requirements of the aerospace and defense industries.
A member of the Avantus Group, we are proud to be among global leaders of specialty fasteners and component parts designed to withstand the rigorous conditions associated with the industries that we serve.

Retaining rings
At Fastener Innovation Technology (FIT) we manufacture a full complement of fasteners, including a range of retaining rings. Retaining rings are one time use fasteners which are typically used to join different types of assemblies together. Retaining rings are usually slotted into a housing bore or installed in a groove in the shaft of a component; as one time use products, if they need to be removed for any reason, the ring will need to be replaced.
Offering a range of benefits over threaded fasteners, retaining rings don’t necessitate taping, drilling or threading of counterparts, which leaders to reduced stress on component parts during production as well as improved efficiency and, generally, a reduction in the overall weight of the assembly.

Cutting edge technology
Retaining rings play a critical role in the accurate positioning and retaining of component parts and, as such, high levels of precision are required. At FIT, we continue to invest in our technicians’ skills and development, as well as state of the art technology, which enables us to undertake large-scale production of fasteners without compromising on quality.
We understand that each client is different and work closely with our customers to ensure that we provide them with the world-class service for which we are known. Our skilled technicians will advise each customer on the best material, production method and finish to ensure that the product exceeds expectations and meets stringent industry requirements.
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