At Fastener Innovation Technology, Inc., we manufacture a full range of pins designed to meet the needs of the aerospace and defense industries.
When it comes to aerospace engineering, there is no margin for error, the slightest inaccuracy can have potentially catastrophic consequences. Fastener Innovation Technology, Inc. (FIT) have been manufacturing specialty fasteners for the aerospace and defense industries for more than forty years and, as part of the Avantus Group, we are proud to be industry leaders.

Pins play a critical role in engineering, holding two or more component parts securely while offering the levels of movement needed. At FIT, we offer an extensive range of pins, including index pins, crimplok pins and shear and eccentric alignment pins, designed to withstand the extreme environments typically associated with the aerospace and defense industries.
Eccentric alignment pins are easily adjustable, allowing for the accurate alignment of electric or electronic connectors and assemblies on ground support and avionics equipment. Offering accurate, permanent engagement and disengagement, the pins are usually made of lightweight, high-strength materials such as Titanium or Cres.
Index pins have thin, threaded shafts, with a collar or flange at the opposite end to the thread. They are broadly used in engineering as they offer accurate, strong connections between component parts.

A range of materials
The pins in our portfolio can be adjusted to mee customers’ needs, adjusting thread size, dimensions and materials used accordingly. The material used to produce pins will depend on a range of factors, including anticipated environmental stressors such as humidity, exposure to UV light, and chemical corrosion, strength requirements, weight, space restrictions and price. Offering high strength while being lightweight, Cres and titanium are often the best choice for many aerospace component parts; FIT’s skilled technicians will work with each client to determine the most appropriate material, manufacturing process and finish to meet industry standards as well as the customer’s requirements.

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