We at Fastener Innovation Technology, Inc. possess a full range of in-house capabilities, meaning that we are able to design, produce and finish quality assured fasteners to industry standards.
As part of the Avantus Group, which comprises C-class parts, component and assemblies manufacturers in the UK, the United States and Mexico. Together, we provide an unrivalled service, fulfilling orders for defense and aerospace customers around the globe.

Bolts play a key role in engineering, forming a secure join between multiple components. Typically, aerospace and defense components will be subject to extreme stressors, such as very high or very low temperatures, exposure to corrosive substances and UV light, or high levels of vibration. Therefore, it is critical that the bolts used are of a high standard, both in terms of quality and design.

At Fastener Innovation Technology, Inc. (FIT), we supply a range of bolts to aerospace and defence clients of all sizes across the globe. The bolts that we typically produce include structural and non-structural bolts, 12-point bolts and captive screw bolts, close tolerance bolts and T-bolts. All of the bolts in our portfolio can be precision made to order, with adaptations as required to meet the needs of the client.

A tailored service
Our skilled engineers are able to call upon extensive experience and a range of cutting-edge equipment to tailor and accurately reproduce bolts designed to meet the stringent requirements of the aerospace and military industries, as well as clients’ specific needs. Adjustments can be made to thread size, bolt size and head type. In addition, bolts can be made from a range of metals, alloys and non-metals, depending on the specific uses and required characteristics.

At FIT we apply the same level of detail and outstanding customer service to every order, from large scale, repeat orders to single prototypes, endeavoring to get each client’s order to their warehouse or production line, when they need it.

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