Inserts and Swage Nuts

Fastener Innovation Technology, Inc. is a global leader in the production of specialist fasteners, such as inserts and swage nuts, designed to withstand the stresses of the aerospace and defense industries.
With more than four decades in the industry, Fastener Innovation Technology Inc.’s facilities in California are home to state of the art technology as well as traditional production capabilities, which enable us to  produce fasteners to meet our clients’ varying needs.

Inserts are usually used for casting and plastic molding applications as well as honeycomb and composite materials, for which a tapped hole will not offer sufficient thread shear area, but a self-locking device is not suitable due to the risk of causing thread damage. By using an insert, a weaker but lighter metal, non-metal or composite assembly can be given a stronger, metallic, material with which it can engage, adding strength to the substrate that is equal to a metallic assembly whilst retaining the benefits of utilizing composite or non-metallic materials, thereby offering a strong join without causing damage to the molded assembly.

Swage nuts
Like inserts, swage nuts play a vital rile in aerospace manufacturing. Typically used with bolts, swage nuts – also known as self-clinching nuts- are threaded fasteners which have a clinching ring. This narrow band at the bottom nut swages sheet metal when inserted. The sheet metal deforms slightly, forming a strong and permanent bond around the swage, which is much stronger than the temporary anchor provided by a traditional nut, and is therefore better able to withstand high levels of vibration.

At FIT, we offer a wide range of insert nuts and swage nuts to meet customers’ various needs. Swage nuts are available in corrosion-resistant steel, aluminum, brass or steel. While we have a large range of nuts and inserts in our portfolio, our skilled technicians are happy to discuss modifications, such as adjusted dimensions or thread size, to meet clients’ needs while adhering to AS9100 standards.

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