For nearly half a century, we at Fastener Innovation Technology, Inc. have been providing the aerospace and defense industries with high quality fasteners, including a range of nuts designed to withstand extreme stressors.
There is no room for compromise in the aerospace engineering industry. Every component and assembly must be crafted with precision and finished to a high standard to ensure that it fulfills its role. Failure to do so could lead to catastrophic consequences.
At Fastener Innovation Technology, Inc. (FIT) we are proud to be members of the Avantus Group, a collection of organizations located in the US, the UK and Mexico, who are leaders in their niche fields. Together, we offer a full spectrum of capabilities and deliver a world-class service to clients around the globe.

A range of nuts
From our state of the art facilities in Rancho Dominguez, California, at FIT we offer a range of high-quality nuts, including crimp lock nuts and inserts and swage nuts, to meet our clients’ needs. WE understand that every client is different and, while we hold a range of designs as standard, every product can be tailored to meet those needs. Depending on the required strength, weight and durability, clients can choose nuts made from a choice of carefully soured materials including aluminum, corrosion-resistant steel or brass. Other characteristics such as size, thread size, production method and finish can be tailored to ensure that the required levels of accuracy, strength and usability are met.   

Quality assured
At FIT, quality is at the center of all of our activities and our in-house QA programs help to ensure that our products meet or exceed client expectations and industry guidelines at every stage of the production process. By testing products regularly, our skilled in-house QA team are able to rapidly identify potential issues and rectify them before unnecessary time and materials are wasted. These savings are, of course, passed on to our clients who enjoy outstanding value alongside unrivalled quality.

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