Thread Rolling

Based in Rancho Dominguez (Compton), California, Fastener Innovation Technology, Inc. boasts over 55,000 square feet of floor space, where we offer a full complement of operational capabilities, including thread rolling.

The defense and aerospace industries demand precision; every element plays a vital role, and failure to deliver on accuracy and quality could have catastrophic consequences. With extensive experience manufacturing specialty fasteners for industry leaders around the globe, at Fastener Innovation Technology, Inc. (FIT), we possess full capabilities, including precision thread rolling services.

Thread rolling allows the formation of threaded fasteners with high levels of accuracy. As a result, thread roll services are optimal for aerospace and military industries, where quality, precision, and strength are essential.


Thread roll services

Thread rolling involves the use of dies to reshape metals, creating threads with absolute precision. In the cold forming process, the dies are usually formed from toughened steel, which can penetrate metal, reshaping blanks to precise specifications. The process is highly accurate, repeatable, and versatile. The thread size can be adjusted to meet client specifications.

Due to its accuracy and smooth finish, thread rolling is often a preferred process in engineering, specifically military and aviation engineering. FIT possesses full thread rolling capabilities, allowing us to undertake every element of the production process. It helps us ensure ongoing industry compliance, saves production time, and helps our team deliver a cost-effective, time-efficient, end-to-end service.


Quality assured
At FIT, we are committed to delivering excellence to our clients at every stage of the production process. With AS9100 certification and comprehensive in-house quality assurance processes, our customers can be confident that we will deliver their fasteners to their production line or warehouse to a high specification.

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