Glass Bead

From our facility in California, Fastener Innovation Technology, Inc. (FIT) offers a full range of specialized fastener manufacture and finishing services, including glass beading.

Glass bead blasting is a popular process, which results in a smooth surface to even the most complex metal parts. At the end of the production process, small, highly abrasive glass beads are fired at high speed onto the surface of a product. The use of glass, which is not as abrasive as some other materials, means that it can take longer to achieve a smooth finish. However, because the glass does not deteriorate rapidly during the process, the glass beads can be reused several times. This saving in resources mitigates the additional time required for the process and makes glass bead blasting a cost effective finishing method.

A tailored service
There are advantages and disadvantages to all processes; our technicians will take the time to weigh up each in view of the client’s needs and industry standards and make recommendations accordingly. Glass beading is nontoxic, therefore can be a preferred option to the use of other abrasive particles, such as silica. Glass bead blasting does not leave marks on the surface, which means that, while it is a good choice for peening to optimize tensile strength, and for metals that will go unpainted, it is not the most cost effective or time effective process If the surface of a component or metal sheet is being prepared for powder coating or painting.

Not all finishing processes are equal and at FIT, our skilled technicians possess the skills and experience to advise each client on the best process to meet their needs. This includes not advising simply on the methodology, but the variance of each production method; glass bead blasting can be conducted at either 40 or 80 psi depending on the required finish.

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