Fillet Rolling

Fastener Innovation Technology, Inc. offers an end to end service for clients across the globe, providing high quality, industry-compliant specialty fasteners designed, manufactured and finished to meet the extreme environments associated with the aerospace and defense industries. 

Engineering requires precision and high performance from every single component part; this requirement for high standards is never more critical than in the aerospace and defense industries, where one weak joint, panel or component could lead to catastrophic events. The strength of a fastener doesn’t just depend on the material, design and manufacturing process, the finish also plays a critical role. While in some instances the finish contributes to aesthetics as well as function, in other circumstances, the finish forms a critical role. Fillet rolling is one such instance.

Fillet rolling
While component parts all play an important role, often the surface is under the most strain, enduring the biggest impact from loaded parts and, therefore, being most likely source of fatigue cracks. By utilizing fillet rolling, engineers can add significant fatigue strength to a component part. The process of rolling adds residual stress to the surface layer, which can help to prevent cracks from forming.

The process involves cold working the surface of a component, deforming the surface and subjecting the top layer to compressive stress. Fillet rolling has a few advantages over other thermal or mechanical finishing processes, in that it requires relatively few processes and does not involve subjecting the workpiece to additional chemical or heat exposure. The use of fillet rolling is of particular relevance to critical fasteners improving fatigue strength of the points with the lowest fatigue life and, hence, improving the overall strength of the component.

In-house capabilities
At Fastener Innovation Technology, Inc. (FIT) we possess a full compliment of in-house capabilities, which allow us to deliver orders of all sizes to clients around the world, on time and on budget, without compromising on quality.

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