With more than four decades delivering advanced fastening solutions for the aerospace and defense industries, at Fastener Innovation Technology, Inc., we offer a full range of screws designed to meet our clients’ every need.
AS a leading provider of high quality fasteners, we manufacture close-tolerance, high-quality bolts, screws, pins and studs, in a full range of configurations, sizes and head types, including shear, hex and dovetail, and various recess configurations.

Dovetail screws
Dovetail screws relate to the head shape and recess configuration of a screw. A dovetail head forms an inverted triangle, allowing the screw to be drilled flat into a product, with the head sitting flush with the surface of the workpiece. These are used in situations where space is limited, or where a smooth finish is required for aesthetic purposes.
Dovetail slots are the straight recesses in screw heads, which can be turned using a flat head tool.

An extensive portfolio
With AS9100 certification, over 60,000 square feet of floorspace, the latest technology and skilled teams, we are able to deliver on all of our clients’ fastener needs. All of the fasteners in our directory can be tailored to meet specific needs. Products can be precision manufactured from a range of metals, such as stainless steel, brass and copper, as well as alloys and non-metals, to allow components to withstand environmental stressors such as extreme temperatures, high levels of humidity, UV or chemical exposure. As well as our extensive portfolio of products, specific changes can be made, allowing clients to alter head type, thread size and recess type to meet their needs.
While the aerospace and defense industries demand precision and legislated high standards, at FIT, we know that each client is unique. For one off productions or regular, mass-scale production runs, we pride ourselves in delivering on the same levels of precision, quality and high customer services that our customers know us for.

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