Crimp Lock

With nearly 30 years’ experience providing high quality fasteners for the aerospace and defense industries, we at California Screw Products possess capabilities to produce a range of fasteners, including crimp lock nuts.

Located in Rancho Dominguez, California, at Fastener Innovation Technology, Inc. (FIT) we have been producing high quality aerospace fasteners since 1979. Our excellent customer service and unrivalled quality have seen us develop strong relationships with industry leading OEMs. Today, we are part of the Avantus Group, a collection of industry leading providers of C-class components, composites and assemblies designed to meet the extreme environmental stressors typically associated with the aerospace and defense industries.

A tailored service
At FIT, we understand that precision is critical with all aerospace components, regardless of their size or cost. When it comes to aerospace engineering, an airframe or engine is only as strong as its most vulnerable component. It is, therefore, essential that the same level of detail and attention is given to all products. Whilst we have accumulated an extensive portfolio over the past four decades, at FIT, our skilled technicians work closely with each client to ensure that we are able to provide them with exactly the right product to meet their needs. From crimp lock nuts to lock bolts, ever product can be adjusted in terms of thread size, manufacturing and finishing processes and other characteristics to ensure that they meet our clients’ expectations and meet or exceed industry standards.

A range of capabilities
Skilled at working with a range of materials, including aluminum, titanium and Inconel, our technicians possess a full range of capabilities and technologies which enable them to provide our customers with a fully tailored service. Our in-house operations are fully certified including AS9100 and ISO9001, and our comprehensive quality assurance processes help us to ensure that our products reach our customers’ production line or warehouse, when they need it.

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