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At Fastener Innovation Technology, inc. we have more than four decades’ experience producing high-torque, high-quality, fasteners for the aerospace and defense industries, including a full range of standoffs.
From our state-of-the-art facilities in California, we are able to fulfill clients’ standoff requirements, regardless of size, with unrivalled lead times and competitive prices.

Standoff fasteners perform an essential role in aviation construction. Designed and installed to maintain a gap between two other components, standoffs help perform several functions. In some instances, standoffs can be used to promote the accurate positioning of screws and fixers, however more common reasons for the use of standoffs include to provide additional thermal insulation, to reduce friction, or to promote airflow between the two parts. Although standoffs are often used in a similar context to spacers, standoffs are threaded and, as such, in addition to maintain the gap between two component parts, they offer additional fastening capabilities and contribute to the strength or rigidity of the airframe assembly.  Available in female-female, male-female and male-male configurations, standoffs usually have a hexagonal head, to allow for convenient adjustment with a wrench.

A range of materials
At FIT, our engineers and technicians possess the technology and resources to precision produce standoffs from a range of materials to meet our clients’ varying needs. Suitable metals include stainless steel, aluminum and titanium, while appropriate non-metals suitable for standoff production include composite, plastic, nylon and rubber. Whether clients seek smaller, customized orders or bulk stock orders, we will work closely to identify their needs and produce certified, high-quality products delivered to their warehouse, field or production line.
At FIT, we pride ourselves in the outstanding quality that we deliver, both in terms of the production of fasteners and assemblies, as well as our world-class customer service. We do everything we can to ensure the ongoing satisfaction of our clients and work with clients to offer practical solutions to the challenges of the industry.

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