Fasteners with EDM

As part of our commitment to quality and innovation, at Fastener Innovation Technology, Inc. we offer a full range of processes, including electrical discharge machining.

Via electrical discharge machining (EDM), screws can be produced with utmost precision and finished to the highest standards.

Fasteners with EDM screws
Different manufacturing techniques offer unique advantages and, when it comes to aerospace and military component production, these advantages must be weighed up in order to choose the most suitable production method. EDM uses thermal energy to take away material to form a component. Two electrodes are submerged in dielectric fluid and current discharges, or sparks, are formed. These sparks vaporise the metal in the desired formation. The dielectric fluid transports the particles away from the product, leaving behind a clean, precise cut with no burring or debris, and minimal impact on the material itself.

Decades of development of the process have seen EDM increase in precision and efficiency. As a result, EDM has become the preferred machining method in circumstances where CNC turning or milling are not appropriate, such as when complex internal corners are required. 

A tailored process
FIT’s skilled engineers and technicians have access to a full range of cutting-edge technology as well as decades of experience. With capability to manufacture fasteners using all three primary EDM methods: hole drilling EDM, ram, or die-sinking EDM, and wire EDM, we are able to fulfil all EDM production requirements, regardless of the complexity of the final product or the piece being worked on.

From working in complex cavities to high precision drilling, at FIT, we are happy to help clients of all sizes with precision production challenges, for both one-off runs and larger scale, repeat orders. Our technicians will work closely with each client to ensure that the processes we use meet their needs while adhering to stringent industry guidelines.

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