Structural and Non Structural

At Fastener Innovation Technology, Inc., we manufacture high-strength structural and non-structural bolts and screws designed to meet the exacting standards of the military and aerospace industries.
Our broad selection of structural and non-structural screws are manufactured for world-leading O.E.Ms to meet NAS requirements.

Structural and non-structural screws and bolts
Structural screws and bolts are relatively recent innovations which offer superior strength and resilience, particularly in applications where shear-offs are a concern; critical qualities when it comes to aerospace and defense components.

Although structural screws and bolts are stronger than non-structural, or standard lag screws and bolts, they are not always used in their place. This is because of the additional cost of the material and manufacturing of the superior bolts. What’s more, one of the key advantages of using structural bolts and screws is the lack of need to drill a pilot hole when working with non-metals; an advantage that is rarely realized in the aviation and military production as most components feature metal.

In general terms, non-structural bolts and screws are preferential as a result of their cost. However, if additional strength is required, then structural bolts and screws can easily be swapped for their non-structural counterparts.
In general, most O.E.Ms have relatively limited choices of structural screws and bolts available to them in comparison to non-structural. However, at Fastener Innovation Technology (FIT) Inc., we offer a range of products as standard, with a selection of different drives, materials and finishes. As stock items, these are available with short lead times and, due to our superior manufacturing capacity, at competitive prices.
We continually strive to deliver excellence to our clients and if a product is not quite right for their needs, we will work to find a design that meets or exceeds their requirements while meeting industry standards. All of the stock items in our portfolio can be adjusted to meet each client’s individual needs while meeting, or exceeding, industry standards.

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