At Fastener Innovation Technology, Inc. we produce high volumes of precision-made lockbolts for aerospace and defense clients across the globe.
As part of Avantus Aerospace, a group of world-leading C-class , composite parts and fastener manufacturers, we continually invest in technology, which enables us to deliver on innovation, quality and efficiency.

Although invented in the 19402, lockbolts have evolved over the last 80 years and, today, they form a crucial part of aviation construction. Normally fixed in length, the lockbolt has either a threaded collar, or a collar swaged with ringed locking grooves on the shaft, which allows it to lock into place. The two-piece fastener offers advantages over the use of a high strength bolt and a rivet, as it offers the benefits of both components.
Pull-type lockbolts
Pull-type lockbolts offer a host of advantages in aircraft construction. Half the weight of the equivalent steel bolt and nut assemblies, pull-type lockbolts are suitable for high shear environments and are rapidly installed, offering additional time, and therefore cost, savings in the production process. Although a pneumatic pull gun is required to install a lockbolt, the gun doesn’t buck, which means that it is possible for single-person installation.

Blind-type lockbolts
Blind-type lockbolts are suitable for use in situations where exceptional strength and secure fastenings are required, but only one side of the work is accessible, or where it is not easy to install a traditional rivet. The blind-type lockbolt forms a single unit and, therefore, also offers savings during production and maintenance. It is also installed using a pneumatic gun, however the blind-type lockbolt requires installation by two technicians.

State of the art technology
At our facilities in California, our technicians have access to a range of modern and traditional machinery that enable us to offer a tailored service to our clients. From precision drilling in preparation for the installation of a lockbolt, to state of the art inspection processes to ensure that every product reaches our high standards, every step of the production process is approached with precision and expertise, ensuring that our clients get the highest quality.

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