As a global leader in the production of high quality specialty fasteners designed to meet the needs of the aerospace industry, Fastener Innovation Technology, Inc. deploys advanced metal broaching services to form complex geometries with precision.

Based in California, our 62,000 feet of floor space is home to a host of state of the art technologies, which allow our engineers to produce specialty fasteners with precision and speed, without compromising on quality.

Metal broaching services
Metal broaching is an advanced manufacturing process that allows for the production of complex or non-standard shapes. For the formation of standard and simple shapes, such as circles, hexagons and squares, other processes, such as CNC punching, may be more appropriate. However, sometimes complex geometries are required. When this is the case, metal broaching can offer detailed shaping accompanied by high levels of precision.

Via the use of a broach – a toothed tool, material is systematically removed from a metal workpiece, enabling the formation of complex shapes. The amount of metal removed at each pass is determined by the rise per tooth (RPT) and a range of different broaching options, such as linear or rotary broaching and internal or surface broaching offer additional versatility and provide a range of finishes.

At FIT, we offer a full range of metal broaching surfaces. Our skilled engineers and technicians will work with each client to determine the most appropriate production method, finish and material in order to meet their needs in terms of function, durability, turnaround and cost. The range of materials that we work with is extensive and includes brass, aluminum, titanium and stainless steel as well as alloys such as Inconel. By having access to a range of production processes and materials, clients can rest assured that the recommended products will be advised based on client needs and environmental stressors, without compromise.

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